School of My Dreams

When I first came to IGS, I wasn’t sure what was in store for me. Mr. Ladi, my year 5 teacher helped me bring out the best in me. In year 5, we took a trip to a Law firm; I really enjoyed it because I have always wanted to be a lawyer. When I came to year 6, I was a bit scared. Then I realized that if I focused and listened to my teachers I would surely succeed.

The second term was hard because of the preparations for our entrance exams but it was really worth it. In third term we went on an excursion to Whispering Palms with Mrs Oparah, Mrs. Areola (the best teachers in the world) and Mrs. Ogaraku who taught us to be good leaders and motivated us a lot.

We also went with Mrs. David and she made it so fun. My favourite part was the ‘Social Night’ we danced and ate a lot. I had a lot of fun with my friends and was very sad when we left. Mrs. Areola has been like my mother and I will never forget her because she gave me a wonderful advice, I will miss IGS.


– Chidera Celine Duru



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